is a bi-sexual person... because they are "fun for a girl or a boy".
"Is Michael gay? I don't think so... I'm pretty sure he's a slinky."
by chadly bradly December 23, 2009
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A word describing a Asian prostitute, typically with a reasonable body (with or without an Adams Apple) usually found loitering outside upmarket hotels or establishments frequented by (rich) western men.
“hey Tim, how many slinkys you sleep with on your last trip?”
by Coolhandlucca February 10, 2019
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a guy with absolutely no sex game and/or anyone completely lame in the bed
He ain't hookin up wit no bitch cause dem hoes think he's a slinky
by The Audiomaster April 10, 2006
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when one masturbates excessively. and ones penis become rather long and droopy. similar to the childs toy sharing the same name.
black kids usualy have slinkies because they have no other toys to play with when they are young.
by mike hunt December 31, 2004
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Top night at clubs in bournemouth & Brighton in the UK and is awesome if your in to that kind of thing. Its an awesome way to start your weekend. Expect the like of Judge Jules, Tidyboys, Lisa Lashes, scot project, BK and more...
Lets go to Slinky at the opera house in bournemouth this friday night.
by James Brown January 05, 2005
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A useless person that you would like to see pushed down a flight of stairs

Some people are like slinkies...
they don't really have a purpose,
but they still bring a smile to your face
when you push them down the stairs.
Erin stop being a slinky.
by Leah19 February 29, 2008
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A slinky is something u call ur friend by the name of becca
by Poodle May 08, 2004
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