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To forcibly pass a chunky shit, usually in a public restroom. This may follow the consumption of cole slaw, raw corn, beef stew, or an entire head of raw garlic cloves. It is also usually followed by an excess of splashing on contact with the water, and an onslaught of exceedingly unpleasent odor, reminiscent of rancid cole slaw. The phrase itself immediately invokes a general sense of its meaning.
Dude, a big black dude left the Burger King restroom with a huge grin on his face.


Nah, he obviously left because discovered that there was what sounded like a mortally obese man who was sliding that cole slaw like no one's business, which was accompanied by deafening groans.

Thats fucked up dude!
by Prblysolid March 30, 2011
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