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A person who develops Sleepy Kitty Syndrome are typically at home when the symptoms first develop. This syndrome peaks in the daytime and obviously only affects cat owners (both men and women are susceptible).

Most commonly, this syndrome begins after the man or woman show signs of procrastination and decide to sit on his or her couch to watch television, rather than do what they needed to that day. The person's pet cat will then take this opportunity to sit upon his or her lap to commence the first stages of Sleepy Kitty Syndrome.

First, the cat will become very warm and cuddly.
Second, the cat will then proceed to take a nap on the owner's lap. This is when the cat will begin transmitting Sleepy Kitty Syndrome upon the owner. Currently, scientists cannot explain how the cat does this, or why. The person/cat owner will then begin to feel unyielding tiredness and become unable to leave his or her couch for the remainder of the day. However, the current world record for being under Sleepy Kitty Syndrome is 5.5 days. The only way to combat Sleepy Kitty Syndrome is by owning a dog.**

**WARNING: Sleepy Doggy Syndrome has not yet been properly tested. Please use caution when napping with a dog.
"I really need to get a job, but I have Sleepy Kitty Syndrome so I think I will take a nap instead".
by Invisible.Lady February 13, 2015
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