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A curious blend of the words 'sleep', 'testicles', and 'fantastic'. This word is generally used having made yourself look like a total tit on an online forum by getting drunk and posting random, misspelt messages which provide great and varied entertainment to those privileged enough to be witness to such events, and said drunk poster is going to sleep, or pass out in a corner, or whatever.

The word was coined by Ultimate Metal forum member King Richard in a highly entertaining post named 'paaartty!1!'
King Richard: jagerboms are the shit!!!!!!! fuckin wasted mangs! FUCkyESS

Krigloch the Furious: gross! Redbull is terrible.
Irish Car Bombs are the way to go

King Richard: kriggles is the man too1!
i had a bad night wijth carbombedeeeers one night
fuckthers somethn wron with my shift button god

Rabid Headbanger: You really can't type well drunk, can you?

King Richard: yoiure the man rabid1
fuck typin1 who neesd to typ srsly

King Richard: fuk joo all

Ender Rises: I have never laughed so hard in my life than I just did at this thread. King's gonna regret this shit in the morning.

by old1eye January 13, 2008
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