A ridiculous instrumental jazz/death fusion project fronted by a controversial, arrogant, outspoken, attention whoring, racist, asexual vegan elitist Luke. He's also balding rapidly.

Sleep Terror material is comprised of mostly pointless and L0Lz0r!11!! fretboard wankery that contrasts strongly with the predictable and boring "death metal" riffs that are undoubtedly used as filler between the nonsensical fusion solos and leads.

A prominent aspect of Sleep Terror material is the "riff break" that is used at the end of each bar, which is a palm muted chug riff (Commonly known as the DUN DUN DUN riff).

Most attention towards Sleep Terror has been garnered by it's irritating sodomy of bulletins on Myspace. This is the common practice of other Myspace Scene Bands though. Other bands to use this method of horrible torture include Waking the Cadaver and Job For A Cowboy, who are equally as horrible and overrated as Sleep Terror.

However, more attention gets drawn towards Sleep Terror due to the actions of it's egotistical front man, Luke. Luke draws negative attention to himself through his cacophony of laughable statements about his strict stance on animal rights, politics and social matters on the SMN Forums, which is home to the official forums of bands such as Suffocation, Dry Kill Logic and Genghis Tron.
"Wow, the new Sleep Terror song sounds exactly like their other material! AWESOME!"

"Yeah I know! He sent out a bulletin saying how awesome he thinks his sweeps are... funnily enough, he also ended each sentence with DUN DUN DUN for some reason."
by akimbas991 November 27, 2006
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