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Some original, some un-original. Love attention. Love hair. Likes things that other scene girls love. (Sanrio, Mori Chak, Chanel, Chi, Bed hed, Barbie, Pokemon etc) Has nothing to do with 'emo'. Started on myspace. Probably will end on myspace.

Will deny they are scene, don't bother trying to 'inform' them. They already know. Their trying to be unique.

Some have lives outside of myspace, Some really don't.
Start myspace perfection and beauty trains. Low self confidence. Usually have family/self problems. Most myspace scenies are jealous of people with actual personality and originality so they copy off of them because they dont know any better.
(Conversation of myspace scene kids.)

KarsonKutthroat: OMG. I love yer chi flat iron, how'd you get it??

Brutal_Beauty: My parents bought it for me because I'm too young to work fer money!1

xx_davemsscre: Hey Bitches;;; Join moi new myspace train- "Diemond ELITES".

Brutal_Beauty: wowe davie ur myspace train is SO SCENE.

xx_davemsscre: wtf Brutal B?? I am not scene wuts ur deal??
by Ms. Robotozz January 27, 2008
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