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Arguably the greatest fool-proof cure for hangover, but can only be performed occasionally and AFTER waking up between the hours of 7am - 10am.

If one was to go on a bender/all-dayer/drinking sesh and awake in the early hours of the morning, one has two options:

a) Get up - thus living through a nightmarish day of headaches, nausea, scatter brained thoughts and of course - THE FEAR.... Or

b) Relieve the bladder, drink 1 pint of water, and slip back into an uninterrupted coma for several hours until the afternoon. Thus awaking to relative freshness!

It is not always possible to fall asleep after first wake-up, but if managed, this extra 'sleep of justice' eliminates an entire day on the hangover train through Pain-Ville!
Pete: “Wow what an epic night, I woke up like I had parachuted into bed this mornin. I’m Mayor Barry Struggers of Pain-Ville now though”

Al: “You should have had a "Sleep of Justice" mate, you would have been right for another ale by now!”
by JiminyJillickers July 19, 2010
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