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1. When, in class you are taking notes, but becoming increasingly tired. You end up falling asleep several times, but are still trying to take notes. Next thing you know, class is over and what you look down at are your sleep notes. They start with the correct information, and steadily become more illegible and harder to understand. They will often incorporate small dreams you had, or you will accidentally write what people near you are saying, instead of what the teacher is saying. They may include doodles and scribbles that even you cannot decipher.

Teacher: Alright everyone, have a good weekend!

John: Oh man, class is over?

Steve: Yeah, you slept through the entire thing.

John: Oh man, check out these sleep notes! I started with a timeline about the colonization of America that turned into a scene out of Family Guy, and then I see what looks like a smiley face, with lines trailing off of it.
by pearljammers December 01, 2009
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