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Masturbating for an extended period of time with a slow, fluid motion of the entire arm, while using syrup (typically maple) as lubricant in order to ensure the process remains slow throughout climax. Proper technique stipulates motion beginning in the elbow, followed by the wrist and ending with a complete rotation of the shoulder. An instance of "slapping the sloth" or "sloth slapping" should never last under forty five minutes.
Tristan: Hey Jordan, tell Dyet that it's time for breakfast, I made pancakes

Jordan: I knocked on his door, he wont answer.

Tristan: The maple syrup is missing...

Jordan: That son of bitch. He is undoubtedly slapping the sloth again. Let's just eat without him or else we'll have to wait about an hour.
by Tra Trone January 06, 2013
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