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A condition when at least 75% of a persons words and phrase choices for verbal speech become entirely informal.
Slang Syndrome will be expressed below.
This is one of countless examples.

What you hear : Part 1
Ralph: AYO! what it do big dawg?!
Tim: You know...just Bick'en Back being Bool!
Ralph: aye but tryna fuction?
Tim: YOU ALREADY KNOW!! why the F#CK you even askin?
Ralph: iight, I'll roll up in 30
Tim:iight, hit me up when you outside, laaaaaaaaate.

What it means: Part 2

Ralph: Hey whats up Tim? what are you doing?
Tim: Nothing much, just hanging out.
Ralph: hey would you be interested in hitting on drunk girls at the club?
Tim: Ralph!, you already know the answer to that. Yes, I would be honored.
Ralph: alright I'll come by and pick you up in 30 minutes.
Tim: Sounds good. send me a text/call me when you are outside of my house.
by SLANGsyndrome March 09, 2015
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