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Upper middle class caucasian men in there late 20's to late thirties. Who arguably came from the 90'2 Nu-Metal scene, Gangsta rap scene and/or nineties death metal scene. Lyrics usually with depraved acts of sex and violence raping women,animals,babies,shit sex etc etc.The Bands and fans of this scene usually walk around like they grew up in the roughest sides of South Central. Often talk in ebonics, sag there jeans and wear hoodies. In pictures you will often see these individual throwing up horns as if they were gang signs with uncomfortable amount of males only. The music will deal with a lot palm muting CHUG CHUG CHUG riffs. As the vocals will constantly sound as if the singer is saying BREEEEEEEEE BREEEEEEEEE BREEEEEEE.Avoid this style of metal at all costs!
Dying Fetus,Skinless,Guttural Secrete,Waking the Cadaver,Casketborn,Devourment
Alot of other Slamcore bands you will find signed to Sevared Records and also Unmatched Brutality Records
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