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Slam Cup is a drinking game that combines flip cup, exercise, and innovative mini games. The game was created by two juniors from JMU and it is sweeping the nation.

Everyone participates in the group card game which always ends in "Flip Cup." The loser of the group game is the last person to flip their cup or the losing team.


The loser of the group game now has to go to the DUEL. They select any one person from the group to compete in the Duel Game. The loser of the one-on-one match receives a letter, and if your spell SLAM, your out.
Slam Cup Examples

Group Cards:

3 spins: Flip Cup
Drink on your knees: Flip Cup
Switch spots: Flip Cup
Inside out shirt: Flip Cup
Make two teams: Flip Cup (losing team chooses duelers)

Duel Cards:

Crab walk to the door: Flip Cup
Race around the table: Flip Cup
10 sit ups: Flip Cup
Arm wrestle: Flip Cup
Relay race to the fence: Flip Cup (outside edition)

The opportunities are endless.
by Slam Cup Inventor September 06, 2011
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