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SlamPig; A bad ass mother fucker that gives no fucks. Keeps it real and is always one's self. A slam pig is very well at multi tasking. SlamPigs give Grand Slam it's true meaning. If you have a SlamPig in your life, hold on and never let go because they are a rare type that only come around once in a life time.
"WOAH... Did you see that Shotski grandslam?! Only a Slam💉Pig can slam it like that."

"I can't get over how bangin that Slam💉Pig is"


" ..SLAM💉PIG...SLAM💉PIG...SLAM💉PIG.." as the unique great Yohe draws water.

" Maybe the Slam💉Pig will grandslam me.. 1 time for the 1 time"
by August 03, 2018
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