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1. Slam Scale; noun - a mathematical equation used to determine the number of sexual partners based on real-life variables, i.e. years spent single and sexually active. Scale serves to determine true “sluttiness” of a person by basing their overall accrual in real time, also known as single years.

2. The slam scale mathematically determines “sluttiness” by leveling out the playing field in terms of time and sexual partners. If little Gracie has had sex with 24 men over the course of 12 single years then her slam scale number is only 2, whereas little Jessica may have only slept with 15 men but it was over the course of 3 single years, giving her a slam scale number of 5 and deeming her the bigger slut.

To Calculate your slam scale:
Subtract the number of years spent in monogamous relationships from the number of years you have been sexually active. That will give you your single years number. Then divide your number of sexual partners by your number of single years to get your slam scale number.

sexy years – monogamous years = single years
sex partners / single years = # on the slam scale

If Little Chelsea is 31 and lost her virginity when she was 16 then she has been sexually active for 15 years. She spent 8 of those years in relationships giving her 7 single years. Little Chelsea has slept with 28 people so… her slam scale number is 4.
by Dr. Wag April 30, 2012
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