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A 9-12 grade level public school on the outskirts of Soldotna, Alaska. The school color are purple, black, and silver. The mascot is the panther. It is known for its more layed back style and peaceful vibe. It is the alternative to the more preppy high school in Soldotna - Sohi. Sohi also is Skyview Highschools arch rival.
Stranger: "Hey man do you go to Sohi?"
Skyview Highschool attending kid: " Hell no! I ain't no So-ho!"
by CanolaStar May 07, 2010
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One of the best high schools in Southwest Washington.

Home of the Storm (with Stormy as their mascot!) , they have some of the best sport teams around; including football (league champs!), volleyball, soccer, cross country, to name a few.

Students who go to Skyview are often wrongfully labeled as "stuck-up" when in reality they are not.

Basically, Skyview is the definition of awesome...
"Where do you go to school?"

"Skyview High School. It's the best!"

"Weird, you're not stuck up at all!"

"... I know, right?"
by cokokola November 09, 2009
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Supposably the number one, top of the line high school in Billings Montana. Several parents, however, have seen through this lie. The teachers in sky view don’t help the students, the principal is a sadistic freak, the halls are a mess, and the students are violent and spiteful

There have been several bomb threats close to the date 4/20 each year at SVHS, and ever year it gets worse and worse. However, unlink a normal school, the principal of SV ordered that all students be held inside the school instead of evacuating it, causing pointless drama and several mistrusting parents to pull the children out of school, and some even went as far as transferring the students to another school.

The school is also heavily populated with ‘Jocks’ and ‘Preps’ This clique owns over half the school, while the other half consists of gamers, nerds, goths and outcasts.
“Did you know a cheer leader wrote that bomb threat on the bathroom wall? The assistant principal has been in there watching people go in and out of the stalls ever since!”

“Man, Sky View High School is crazy.”

“Did you see that kid come out of Sky View!? He was hot, but oh my god. Sky View? I would never talk to him.”
by Rei-Chan August 01, 2007
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A high school in vancouver washington that is full of stuck up privileged rich white kids and student banging teachers. they are also known for their heavy drug use, half the school is stoned at any one time time. Skyview also boasts more mercedes and bmw cars than all of germany. They also blow at every sport besides football in which the dominate the south western region every year. if you meet a skyview girl make sure to wear protection or your dick will probably just fall off.
Joe: Hey is that Bill Gates pot head daughter in that new mercedes over there?

Bob: Oh yeah dude she goes to skyview high school, she turned out to be a total bitch and she gave me warts.
by billbobjoebob April 24, 2011
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A popular high scool located in Vancouver Washington, Known for it's "richness" when actually, they just get the money cuz they're a brand new school. Known for it's heavy drug use espcially E and Coke. Teachers don't care about students, and every sterotype you can think about a cheerleader is a prime example of the school. Called skankview by others.
by xx.toxic_rain.xx April 10, 2009
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The best thing that's ever happened to me.
Skyview Highschool, located in Soldotna, Alaska. Home of the panthers, with purple, black, and silver colors. It's like my second home.
by Spatchmo October 25, 2009
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