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The experience of holding a Skype conversation on a ropey internet connection: crossed conversations, periods of hearing the other person but they can't hear you, trying to keep a the conversation alive by typing messages. General confusion and lack of communication ensue. Can be funny or frustrating depending on how well you know the other person and how serious the conversation is: with the bank: maddening; with a good friend: hilarious.
Me: Are you there?

Other: Are you there? One...

Me: What? Can you hear me?

Other: I can hear you, say "Two" if you can hear me?

Me: I can't hear you. One?

Other: One.

Me: No, you say Two

Other: Who? I can't hear you.

Me: Oh dear, I'm Skypoozled.
by dobbintoo December 10, 2013
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