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The best lead singing/guitarist of my favorite band! He grew up in York, Maine. Now has his own band, called "Skyler" and it is Skyler. He currently is going to Burklee collage of music in Boston, Massachusetts. He is super sweet, has a great smile, awesome hair, and fabulous concerts! He gives the best hugs! He could do better then with the girlfriend he has currently though! Skyler Clark-Hamel is amazing, we all in York hope he's going to make it big! We all think he will!
Me: Oh my guess what!
Friend: What?
Me: I'm going to a Skyler concert to night!
Friend: With Skyler Clark-Hamel?! No way! I want to come!
Me: I guess....but I get to hug him first! <3
Friend: ...fine..
by midnightpigkkcat December 12, 2010
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