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Skye Newton is a beaut. She is a Tumblr godess who likes to eat out fish testicles and suck on some healthy cavair. If you catch a Skye Newton in the act of fishing, she will beat you and push you and drown you in some delicious applesauce. You could possibly eat your way out of it unless you are having a bad day then she will change the applesauce into steel. She loves eating anchors and swimming with sharks, until they try to eat her then she kills them with her lazer vision. She will kill you if you use the word "shant" while looking through a microscope by throwing a billion peaches at you. She's quite the slut.
She is throwing peaches at her? She's a Skye Newton!
She is Tumblr Famous? She's such a Skye...!
She's flirting with every person in the world? Whatta Skye... SMH!
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