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A crypto platform created by a team of based, woke, red-pilled, autistic grandmasters. SKY holders are going to the moon in a lambo.
Synth: Let's do a Skycoin Coin Hours airdrop! It's Jan 2020 and I've got 10K CH to give away.
Sudo: 10K CH? That's $500,000! How kind joke is it?
Synth: I'm feeling generous since we reached a million Skyminers. Next SKY address gets the prize.
Eric: I got better shit to do than hear a 40-year-old talk shit on Telegram.
XYZ: 2EhoQ1mbLjJJSdoNewx4qMQNtZgmfNmBw6v
Sudo: Dammit Synth!!!
XYZ: Ram Ranch here I come, now I can afford to suck humungous cowboy cock for years!
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by Not Macrobusiness October 10, 2018
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The herald of a new era of internet.

Literally people putting antennas on their rooftops and servers in their homes for a government-spy-proof and data-harvesting-proof way of telling your loved ones exactly how many times you've watched Seabiscuit, starring Tobey Maguire without it being etched in the annals of alphabet agency recordkeeping.
"You've got Skycoin, right? Send me some coinhours to pay me back for that steak."
"Give me a couple of hours; my wallet should have generated enough by then."
by ithinkivefoundit October 11, 2018
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