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1. To be made fun of shamelessly and to be the butt of all jokes, immediately followed by a request to at least wait til one is asleep or away at work to engange in witty banter pointing out their shortcomings
2.To over use hair gel and underuse a bro/manzire.

Noun 1.A homosexual watering hole where one can find plus sized broads and homosexuals living side by side frolicking to songs such as "white houses".
2.One who acts in accordance with what their girlfriend wants.

Past Tense: Skybarred; To be banished, removed from, excommunicated
#1 "I need a bacon egg and cheese on a garlic bagel, a plain bagel, 2 poppy bagels, and this is what my girlfriend wants!": This is a perfect example of one being a skybar. Note that when ordering the other bagels he failed to point out who they were for, but made sure to illustrate what his girlfriend wants.
#2 "Was President Nixon ever removed from office?"
"No he resigned before he was skybarred"
by jared and ferry February 12, 2006
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