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A situation where you are suddenly and unexpectedly taken to an unhospitable
place, in an unholy way.
1.) On a beautiful fall day without a cloud in the clear blue sky, little bunny foo foo was walking through the forest when he was sky-fucked by a rogue nuclear missile.

2.) A man was found dead, apparently sky-fucked during an arousing round of dutch pancake. Unbeknownst to him, his girlfriend had earlier consumed 4 pounds of cabbage, 2 dozen deviled eggs and a gallon of dill-pickle ice-cream - the cleveland steamer was said to be near Armageddon.

3.) My cousin Shawn was sky-fucked by a hot chick. As it's told, she went to the bathroom to "get ready" and when Shawn, distracted by a phone call, rolled over. Taking the open opportunity, she plunged her penis in his gaping white succulent ass.
by LittleBunnyFooFoo November 08, 2004
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