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1) The female version of a skux.
2) A female who has it well with the male gender, but carries themself in a classy way so they aren't a hoe.
3) Badass.
4) Has a mastery over a ablilty that is considered good.

5) Likes to party.
6) Likes to flirt.
7) Some who styles themselves well.
8) Likes to have sex, and excell in sexual activity.
9) One of a kind.
10) Gets what she wants.
1) "She's sexy, what a little skuxette."
2) "Damn I'd like to take her out."
3) "Stealing, doing drugs, obnoxious, apathy."
4) "She can kick your ass at anything, man."
5) "Captain Morgans spiced rum, Heineken, blow, marijuana, nicotine, caffeine, prescription pills - that bitch is off the rails crazy."
6) "Just the way she is."
7) Shower: 20 mins, Leave-in Conditioner, 2 mins, Brush 1 min, Part 1 min, Lotion 1 min, Blow dry hair 30 mins, Straighten 30 mins, Pluck Eye Brows 15 mins, Do nails 10 mins, Coverup 2 mins, Eyeshadow 5 mins, Liquid Eyeliner 2 mins, Pencil Eyeliner 1 min, Pencil-in Eyebrows 1 min, Mascara 2 mins, Blush 1 min - "Bitch knows how to look f*cking sexy."
8) "The og. nympho"
9) "There's no comparisons."
10) "Mama gets what mama wants; mess with Mama, and you're gonna get slapped."
by monkeybrains12 March 13, 2010
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