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When you go camping with a girl thats been hiking for a few days without a shower. When she takes her panties off, her monkey (vagina) smells like a skunk that has just sprayed the inside of the tent. Legend has it that native american tibes in the everglades used to roll in the skunkmonkey juice as a repellant to the Skunk Ape ( a mythical bigfoot type creature) that lives in the swamps of Florida. Further testing is needed to find out if this is true though. So if you go camping, please tell us of your results.
The inside of our tent smelled like a skunkmonkey after she took her pants off!
Go wash yourself woman!
by fusion73 March 02, 2010
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aka butt-monkey, a person who can shave his butt and walk backwards and noone would know the difference
The guy who stole my toilet is a butt-monkey/skunk monkey
by little man September 09, 2003
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A condition a man gets if his penis isn’t cleaned after anal sex!
(1/2) The wife got a little drunk the last night of the camping trip and decided to try a little trunk humpin. But the showers were closed until morning so I woke up with skunk monkey!
by Denhamj February 24, 2018
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