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{Pronounced Skunk-ul-snail}

1.) A tweaker from Oildale, a low income inner city area located in the northern part of Bakersfield, California. This person generally has more tattoos than teeth, frequently dumpster dives for recyclable goods and who's basic mode of transportation is chevro-leggin' it or a bicycle. {Someone who walks or rides a bicycle that is not a tweaker, this term does not apply.} These people are very commonly malodorous.

2.) Known for the snail trail they leave whilst walking around searching for a way to get their next fix. Often by performing acts of prostitution.

3.) A nasty, scuzzy, skanky tweaker bitch.

A term coined by a four year old girl back in 1993 to differentiate between the normal women from the methamphetamine addicted females. This term may also be applied to males.
In the incidence where this term is to be applied to a male subject, it would only indicate that he is a dirty revolting tweaker.
This term can be used universally.
A little girl in a car with her parents: Look mom! A skunkelsnail!
Mom: Yes honey, you're right!
Dad: Good eye kid.

"Dude? You see that bitch walking down the sidewalk?"
"Yeah. God damn skunkelsnail is gonna dig in my fuckin' trash again! Third time this week! Gettin' tired of cleanin' that shit up!"

Girl: I was walking home from school and this guy came up and asked me for spare change. He reeked!
Guy: A skunkelsnail?
Girl: Yes. He made my skin crawl!
by Insane IRiSH September 21, 2011
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