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Malicious mockery, directed at one individual, with the intention of causing that individual mental and emotional anguish on a comparable level to having their eye socket violated with a hard cylindrical object.
1: That was some pretty serious Skullfuckery there man.

2: Yeah, she's crying in the corner like you just raped her puppy.
by spazmate December 08, 2009
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the adverb of "skull fuck"; used to describe a level or amount of skull fucking
"i'm going to skull the fuck that chick so hard her eye balls fall out
"man, thats alot of skull fuckery


"i unleashed an indescribable amount of skull fuckery on her when she tried to leave the kitchen
by matt's mom November 09, 2010
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The act of fucking someone's skull, especially through the eye socket.
John realized when he turned the lights on that the fantastic blowjob he had been receiving was no blowjob at all; instead, the woman had removed her glass eye and he was engaging in skullfuckery.
by Bane_Sidhe November 01, 2010
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