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Its when ya grab some prick who's been doing wrong by you by the hair & drag their head across the sharpest, roughest, most dangerous surface in sight!
Sancho talking to Alf (his girlfriends dad)

Sancho-"I'll be fuckin good to her mate"

Alf -"You better be fuckin good to her mate, cause I'll fuckin skulldrag you back to Mexico by your fuckin stupid mullet and fill your ass with nachos"
by EagleEyeCherryPoppa July 14, 2010
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Slang in the Army for having someone fuck your stuff up. Usually a threat to someone being insubordinate.

The term actually refers to tying someone's feet to the back of a horse or vehicle and dragging them. Hence their skull would drag on the ground. But in practice it means to jack someone up, either through yelling at them, "smoking" them through push-ups, assigning extra duty or generally being a prick and giving them a difficult time.
Soldier 1: The new LT's a fucking idiot.
Soldier 2: Pipe down man, if the platoon sergeant here's you say that he'll skull drag your ass.
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
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To take another's head and/or face maliciously through a rough gravel-like surface with the aim of inflicting great harm to someone's prettiness, causing long lasting pain and embarrassment.
If people don't stop eye-balling SFC Auman with their peripherals, he's going to skull drag all of us.
by Llew2 December 11, 2008
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A rich military custom used to deal with privates and non-compliant enemy detainees, where an individual is drug by the foot, face down preferably on a highly abrasive surface such as gravel or asphalt.
If that Haji tries to sneak through the checkpoint again today I'm gonna fucking skull drag him to Abu-Ghraib and let those MP girls have at him.
by Face Fisted February 15, 2010
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Military term in the sniper division where one moves with their skull dragging along the ground so as to keep as low a profile as possible to avoid detection when stalking.
We skull dragged to avoid detection from the enemy.
by d7e7r7 February 02, 2011
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When you put your fingers through someone's eye sockets and drag them around until they die
example 'Oi john look at that fuckwit, I'll go skull drag that cunt for 5 bucks
by CumShotKyle March 14, 2018
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