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A drug like induced malady that effects primarily males when exposed to the Skranz. The Skranz is described as coming in an extremely attractive female form and is reportedly very awesome and totally cool. This highly addictive disease has been limited to South Dakota in the past, but recently an outbreak has been reported in Texas. There is no known cure for Skranzholism, although temporary relief from Skranzing has been reported when intoxication reaches near blackout levels. Skranz is highly addictive, comparable to crack cocaine or heroin, and should you be Skranzed, immediately working on a blackout drunk is recommended. Rumors persist of an twelve step orginization called Skranzoholics Anonymous.
Tom - "See that poor guy over there they say he is a skranzholic, and been skranzed for years now."

Bob - "Yeah I hear that Skranzholism is crazy, I don't think I could handle Skranzing."

Tom - "It is man, like Nancy Reagan said, just say no to the Skranz."
by The prophet. February 06, 2010
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