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Skranktoberfest is a new holiday which begins 4 days after Memorial Day on the American calender, and is celebrated for the length of 7 days or until completion of digging*. On the third day of this joyous holiday, those celebrating begin to dig a large hole for varied purposes. It's intent is not important, only that is begun on the third day, and cannot be completed before the seventh night of Skranktoberfest. Should the digging project surpass the seven-day guideline, *the Skranktoberfest culmination ceremony must be postponed until completion of dig. The culmination ceremony is highlighted by a large party of friends and family to celebrate another Skranktoberfest gone by. The final traditional event is the pinata in the form of "Hello Kitty", filled with Werther's Originals and a small container of soil. The soil is gathered earlier from the large hole. All are welcome to attend culmination ceremonies and the spread of this holiday is encouraged and appreciated!
Man this Skranktoberfest is going on forever, when will the hole be done.
"I haven't had a Skranktoberfest like this since the '70's"
by Bob J. Dole June 11, 2008
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