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multi-colored puffs of barley, rice, corn and rye. These grains are collected from the magical land of Wakawambi nearby the Wambi waters. These grains are them processed and coated in a sugary goodness of multi-colored candy frost (available in various flavors). Skittlepuffs have an extremely high sugar content therefore are not fit for human consumption. Skittlepuffs are the sole dietary intake of blue, yellow, pink and green unicorns. some violet unicorns can ingest skittlepuffs however they may experience slight bloating and heart burn due to a chemical reaction between ingredient X in the skittlepuffs and the poor violet unicorns genetics. Nevertheless, purple unicorns do not starve and are happy to nibble on grass and banana peels. Scientists are attempting to find a food source which these unicorns can eat without falling ill. It is said it may take up to 3 years before anything can be found. Meanwhile, skittlepuffs are a nutritional food source for most colored unicorns. Skittlepuffs are also known to relieve anxiety and stress in these lovely creatures.

They come in 1kg, 500g, 250g, 100g, and 50g packages at 50cents per 10g. A great way to keep your unicorn and bay.
Billy: "hey uncle sam, do you have anymore of the skittlepuffs? my unicorn looks kind of grumpy."
Uncle Sam: "sure billy, just go into the ladder and grab a couple from the top shelf"
Billy: "thank uncle" *walks into the ladder and picks up skittlepuffs... looks left to right and stuffs a couple in his mouth* = hyper billy

unicorn 1: "i'm feeling kinda stressed unilove! do you have any suggestions?"
unicorn 2: "sure pookie pie... don't push me... push some skittlepuffs"
by skittlepuffs.delight June 14, 2010
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