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Women's work around the house. When meals are cooked, the floor is clean, the toilet has been scrubbed, the kids have been fed, there are clean clothes hung neatly in your closet, all before the men have gotten home from work. Then the man can rest for he has a long day of work ahead of him the next day. The last part can be revamped if the woman would like to partake in intercourse. Immediately after intercourse the man must, then, sleep. The woman then checks on the kids to see if she has woken them up with all the work she just got done doing to the man. Then, and only then, she can go to sleep, but must wake up no later then dawn to get breakfast started. The process then repeats.

Note: The male only interacts with the children to do activities such as; football, basketball, having fun in general, and occasionally helping with homework. Everything outside the house belongs to the man. Skirt Work is designed for interior purposes only.
1. "Honey, I was talking to Trisha the other day and she tells me that I do too much work around the house and that her husband usually helps her to get things done." - Bad Wife

"Ha ha, oh hunny, Trisha is a damn liar. Skirt Work has been going on since the beginning of time. Is Trisha going against history? She sounds a little crazy to me." - Right Husband
by DMHead777 January 30, 2009
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