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Peanut Butter all over her morsels? For real Skippy in a jiffy is what a low down Dirty-Ass Skeezer HoBag Beeeotch will do when she gotta have it!!! I'm talkin' about gettin' on the low down with a genuine Fido Bow Wow K-9 flea bag mutt full of fur, and givin' him sumpin' ta chomp on! Smackin' his tongue all over her meat curtains and she's explodin' some o' thOse "oh my Mutha Fuckin' Gawwwdz" right therr! Sick in her disgusting fantasy world wishin' it was a man master rug licker lesbie friend or some bad boy. Damn! Get eatin', laid or even used... but no not the fucking animals especially mans best friend the D-O-G?! WTF?!!.
Beastiality Real fucked up shit Ladies and Germz... I aint down with that Holla if ya hear me!!! 'Cause it doesn't get much worse than that except Necro's But that another mother fuckin' sorry ass story!!!
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