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A skins kid is partly and indie kid just more advanterous. They are usually found at parties wasted on either vodka, weed or pills. Note that not all skins kids are druggies. You can find them in some of the most random groups. Groups with people of different backgrounds, my group consists of 2 black people, a chinese girl, a blonde, brunette, a redhead, one boy that we call an henley boy, a girl thats musically talented, a girl whos always on pills, a guy that goes to college and is half philipino and is always high. Skins kids go to alot of parties but when they throw one themselves its bound to be one of the craziest most random party you'll ever go to. They listen to indie music, dubstep and drum and bass. Chase and status is currently a favourite amongst skins kids. They dont belong to any stereotype and really hang out with anyone. They are usually crytisised because of this, have a friend whos and emo and then having one whos a chav aint so easy. They are peacefull people and have a I dont care type of attitude or as Chris from skins would say 'FUCK IT'. In Conclusion a skins kid is the best person to hang around
skins kid-whats happening 2nite

skins kid 2-party at some random how?

skins kid-wanna go?

skins kid 2-dont we have college like 2morrow at 8

skins kid-FUCK IT lets go
by wembz September 18, 2009
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