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A “Skins Trip” is a minor psychological defect whereby the inflicted person believes their life is similar to those in fictional program Skins, and therefore constantly compares their life to that of the characters.

Common symptoms include when the inflicted person is drinking a lot of alcohol and then declares “This is just like what Cook does. I’m so hardcore.” No you’re not hardcore; you’re a tool doing what most people do on weekends. Another example is when the inflicted person smokes a bit of pot and mutters “Man this is like... this is like what Chris did in series two that... that one time on Skins.”

When you know the inflicted needs therapy is when he/she states that their life is better than Skins: “Oh my God we got so trashed last night... if that was a Skins episode everyone would love us!”

Okay there’s liking a show and sure it can be pretty good (got shit after series two), but people need to know their lives isn’t like Skins and if it is, it’s not something to be proud of. They don’t have jobs but possess infinite amount of money. Gangsters getting beaten in a chilli contest. It’s not realistic!
Girl 1: Can’t believe he dumped me. I feel like Michelle after Tony cheated on, only my ex didn’t cheat on me with a boy.

Girl 2: So it’s not really the same is it?

Girl 1: Erm yeah it so is. We both got our hearts broken.

Girl 2: Fucking hell everyone get’s their hearts broken... you know what you’re having a Skins Trip, continue down this path and we’re not friends anymore.

Girl 1: Fuck you! Now I feel like Effy, so alone. I’m going to be mysterious and brooding and then say evil spirits chase me when I fall in love because it’s a head fuck!

Observer: She’s lost.
by TheIdeologistVoice September 09, 2010
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