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When a large king cobra slithers through the plumbing system and comes out your toilet while you are taking a dump. It pops its head up between your legs, so that the only option is to grab the back of its head to prevent it from biting you. Next you stand up and fish the cobra's tail out of the toilet and use it to floss your butt with long swift strokes, therefore creating elegantly long poop-streaks on the cobra's body. In addition to saving your own life, you have officially transformed a previously sleek snake into a skid-mark cobra.
What took you so long, did you fall in? No dog, I just braved death on the porcelin throne and ended up making a skid-mark cobra.
by filmconneseaur December 04, 2008
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A Skidmark Cobra is the result of taking a dump, usually in Africa or someplace, and discovering you are not alone when a cobra raises its head between your legs. At this moment, you realize your only chance is to grab the cobra's head quickly. Once securely grabbed, you reach back and fish out the cobra's tail and proceed to floss your butt until sufficiently clean for day-to-day use, thus dominating said cobra.
I didn't know there was a snake in the toilet. So, when he poked his head up I Skidmark Cobra'd with him!

I'm a Skidmark Cobra of AGO.
by He-is-man December 08, 2008
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