A skid pig is Aussie slang for a cheap but great burnout car they usually are found with stockys on the front and flat tyre wheels on the back. Another feature is they usually have no muffler in tradition it is chopped off when bought. You can take your skid pig to your local maccas an do skids in the car park. The 2 most common types of skid pigs are a vt commy and an au falcon. You can find these skid pigs are most common at your local Dan Murphys or bws, they are commonly spotted in Albion park and dapto
Look at that skid pig chucking fat doughies in the car park
by Vs commy Ute August 29, 2022
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A actual Pig of a person that often takes part in doing skids.

However these skids come in multiple forms. A primary one being doing doughies in the carpark or even up a suburban street for fuck sake.

Another form of skids that a skid pig might take part in is their fucking pants. Yes you read that right, that have the tendency not to wipe, creating the most devious and fucked skids marks in their fucking underwear.
Person 1: "Oi cunt! there's a fucking skid pig doing doughies out the front"
Person 2: "AH for FUCK sakes! I can smell the cunt from here, holy fucking shit he reeks of actual SHIT!"
Person 1: "Fuck I hate Skid Pigs, there even worse when they have a fully grown out unwashed mullet"
by Operator Duck June 14, 2023
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