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Might be a human being, but of the sub human genius... may claim their faith as being Catholic or Mormon. Was raped by a priest and is mad at all athiests because he didn't have the sense to become athiest at the early age of 22 when he was raped by said priest (it was halloween).

Habitat consists of his mom's basement, his father left early in his life when his mother became a born again christian (who the fuck wants to put up with that, right?). He sleeps on a futon and plays vintage games on his many game consoles and frequents in hopes of one day finding out what a real vagina feels like.

Skialian has down syndrome and suffers from FAS (before his mom was a born again christian she hit the bottle hard, now she just sucks cock). His diet consists of mainly taco bell and food from gas stations where food stamps are accepted.
Timmy: "hey bro... you ever read skialian's definitions on urban dictionary?"
Tommy: "yea bro... what a cunt. Not to mention he gets food stamps, so he's a sponge cunt."

Timmy: "LoL!"
by BigPapaJewski October 03, 2016
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