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The characteristic of smelling like a ski lodge. The most notable odors present are: wet feet; chicken tenders; clothing that has been in a closet for 9 months, soaked with snow melt and then baked in the sun; beer; saved up farts; dirty children; morning breath and body heat. This is all contained within an enclosure that is abruptly encountered after enjoying the brisk and fresh mountain air. Can also be found well preserved in a pair of socks used to ski that have failed to be washed. This is a smell that is easy to confuse with the sneaky fart suit.
Dude, you really need to open a window, it smells like a ski lodge in here!

O snap, that bad? Yea, I just got back from the mountain and haven’t washed my stuff.
by sonofluger3 February 26, 2010
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It's when a rando goes ass to mouth on a father and son couple (PRO TIP: a father/son couple is known as a banana dive).
After they were done with their banana dive, the duo popped in for a round of ski lodge.
by analslayer March 22, 2017
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