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Noun: When old girlfriends decide they would like to play a mind game with you, and eat away at your heart, and destroy your self esteem in the process.
Joe: Dude, I met this amazingly hot girl at the mall today. She is really my type! And her name is Yolanda.

Ron: Awesome!

Ron: Wait wait wait........ What's her last name??

*Typing sound of Joe quickly sending a text message.... Within seconds Yolanda responds*

Joe: Her name is Squatpump! Yolanda Squatpump..!!

Ron: Dude! Are you retarded! That's Scooter's Ex girlfriend! She is the the damn definition of skexchy!

Joe: Oh man, fuck that!! Thanks for the heads up bro.
by Cumdik September 02, 2014
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