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The primary assistant to a typically small- to medium-time neighborhood crystal meth dealer, quite often responsible for keeping the dealer themselves out of trouble and the operation running and profitable (the term profit subject to dealers' perceptions). This role is similar to the 'Sketchatary' in association with a dealer but is different in that the individual providing support is doing so out of a genuine interest for the dealer and their operation, as they often begin their arrangement based on prior trust and experiences as friends.

Roles of the average sketchetary typically include:
- Mobile phone receptionist
- Schedule coordinator
- Code-keeper (combinations, PIN's, etc)
- Chauffeur
- Gopher
- Security guard
- Accountant
- Personal assistant (grooming, wardrobe, etc)
- Party planner (and later, Party pooper)
- Voice of reason
- Whipping boy/Fall-guy

The job requires a high level of intrusion into their dealers' lives, often mistaken for being overly nosy or snooping about; to do their job well they must know what is going on, what comes in, what goes out, who has what and where at most times. Without a high level of trust between a dealer and their chosen assistant then neither one can do their job right.

If a romantic (or purely physical) relationship develops then the Sketchetary title does not apply; then they become just another skank looking for a free ride.

Sometimes a Sketchetary is referred to by the short-hand "SKTY", pronounced "skitty."
"You can call me any time you need something, just call this number and if you don't reach me my sketchetary will take care of you."

"Daniel sure is lucky he has JJ for a sketchetary, else he would have been busted for sure falling out at a slot machine last night. He got 'em both out of there before the pit boss could get security to haul that flail out back!"

"SKTY, get in here! Where the hell did you put my scale and baggies??"
"Well, put the scale in the inside pocket of your overcoat as we got in the cab, it should still be there."
"What about my baggies? I gotta weigh this up before he leaves."
"We ran out of baggies when you dropped the last of them behind the couch at that last client's place. I'm running to the smoke shop now to get some more. And you're almost out of smokes, want one pack or two?"
by N.D. Creamer February 22, 2013
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