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1. A creepy-crawly of any description, esp. cockroaches, beetles, caterpillars, etc. found around the house.

2. Something to call a small child in fun, in mischief, affectionately, or to admonish it.

Common slang in sub-equatorial Africa in the 2nd half of the 20th Century.

n. Scots
A rascal; a rogue.
Dutch schelm, from Low German, from Middle Low German.
"Mum! Mum! There's a skellum in the bath!"

"Lifted that rock in the garden, there were at least three kinds of skellums underneath!"

Mother to child whose mouth is covered in chocolate: "I see there's been a skellum in the chocolate biscuits!"

Mother cuddling mischievous child: "I love you, my little skellum!"

Mother to child covered in mud: "Go wash this minute, you horrible little skellum!"
by rvldejung April 06, 2009
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