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1. A nickname for someone who commits a sinister crime, does a poor job at covering it up, tells unbelievable lies but somehow manages to get away with it all.

2. It can also be used to define a promiscuous girl who doesn't hide the fact that she gives it up very easily.
"Girl, if you are strapped for a baby sitter, you can always pull a Skanky Trampthony. If you get caught, just blame it on a stranger or say you were molested, then you're guaranteed to stay out of trouble."

"Man, if you want to get out of a bind, just pull a Skanky Trampthony and everyone will believe you no matter how bad the lies are."

"She is such a Skanky Trampthony! Running around town, dressed like a hoochie and acting like a chicken head."
by TheBorogoves February 04, 2012
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