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Chimpanzee of Swahili decent known for its boob jobs, giant lips, the starting of AIDS, high heels, drunkedness, highness, and skirts.

Skank monkeys can be found whoring in almost every town in South America and Nebraska. There have been some reports of rouge skank monkeys in places such as China, Russia, England, and Italy.
dude i need to get laid

i know what to do


get a skank monkey!!!

we dont live in nebraska...

oh yeah.
by Howie II December 12, 2007
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Skankmonkey originates from the term hoebag, meaning a woman who'll do anything with a penis and/or who gets "around". A skankmonkey how ever, is very much the same in in behavior, but more often than not unabashed when it comes to how private her social-life is. Alternately skankmonkey can be synonymous with the term hoebag, to add a more comical take on the conversation.
"Dude I wouldn't try for that chick over there."
"Why not. She seems cool."
"She is cool, but she's a total skankmonkey."
"Hahaha, gotcha."
by The Suphyx December 06, 2009
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An individual that enjoys being slapped in various non-sexual areas with male genetalia.
Dude, Sheila is such a skank monkey, she asked me to whack her in the forehead with it like four times.
by Ricky Bobby rumplestillskin August 15, 2011
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