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A term used in Australia to describe those teenage hoons who cruise the streets in their commodores / falcons who think that they are "fully sick".

The term "Skaife" coming form the V8 super car driver Mark Skaife. The term "wannabe" coming from try-hard.
So it's really Skaife + Wannabe.
A "Mark Skaife Tryhard".

How to identify Skaife Wannabes:
* Driving (usually) a Commodore / Falcon (one that P Platers can afford)
* 'P' Plates up
* HSV / FPV Body Kit
* Loud stereo up full bore
* Playing bogan metal or 'doof-doof-doof' music
* Thinking that they can drive like V8 supercar driver
* Hat backwards
* shirt off
-If no shirt is present it will most likely be a Holden or Ford racing shirt.
* Sunglasses on
* One hand on wheel
* Arm out window
* Stares at everything as they go by

See also: the Term "Bogan"
Oh my god, did you see that commodore there?!
Yeah, what a Skaife Wannabe!
by SamwiseB_193 October 23, 2005
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