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Badgers have notoriously bad eyesight and during a particularly misty night a Skunk was mistaken for one of its own and they mated. The Skunk became pregnant and the result was its bastard offspring, the Skadger. Half badger, half skunk.
Skadger Offences
Wilfully killing, injures or takes, or attempts to kill, injure or take, a skadger.
Cruelly ill-treating a skadger, digging for skadger, using skadger tongs, using a firearm other than the type specified under the exceptions within the Act.
Interfering with a skadger sett by damaging, destroying, obstructing, causing dog a dog to enter a sett, disturbing an occupied sett - either by intent or by negligence.
Selling or offering for sale a live skadger, having possession or control of a live skadger.
Marking a skadger or attaching any ring, tag, or other marking device to a skadger
by British Bobsleigh Team July 21, 2004
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