A Skaar is the most bad ass mofo in the town. Skaar can be used as a title or a sur-name, It is especially awesome if your first name is Hans. The word Skaar means the slayer of dragons and sharks and shit and originates from the norsegods when Thor said: "Where the fuck is my Skaar"
Who is this skaar you're talking about?
Who's the most badass of them all? Skaar is.
by Balrok November 18, 2013
A moroccan (ifnawi) term to describe the good feelings coming out of a cringe
Skaar had tiktok
by L7afd November 24, 2022
Skaar is the most badass mf in town, everyone relies on them and trusts them. No one can beat Skaar.
Yo have you seen Skaar?

The cool guy? Yes! I love Skaar
by SkaarBTW June 6, 2022