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The Ska Scene is followed by people who listen and dance to ska. There are two common ways people in the ska scene dress, one in fiftees suits and dresses, bowler hats, and over sized sunglasses. The other is wearing jeans, tourists floral shirts, band t-shirts, Vans, saddle shoes, and alot of black and white checkered anything. People in the ska scene are sometimes said to look to be out of an old detective movie with no sound. People in the ska scene often have a sense of humor and are quick to laugh and make sarcastic comments, but are very friendly. Ska sceners tend to hang out with the punks and people in the new wave, but are friendly with any group (except chavs, and townies). People in the ska scene also enjoy listening to bands like "The Clash", and "The Doors". People involved in this scene tend to be happy and upbeat, because if you have ever listened to ska music, you'd know how happy it sounds.
punk rocker-"Dude, youre all black and white and stuff, whats up with that?"
ska sceneIm in the ska scene man!"
by Little Red ;D August 28, 2010
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