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all bow done to the queen sister of them all! sister kait!!! She is the most crazy, funny, and the mosy boy crazy one of them all! Watch out fellow sisters, our queen sister kait will steal them alllllll!!!!!!!!! buttttttttttt alsooooooo there is one bad thing about her, she is better than youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

this was made by her sefcffsh (small eared friend, coolest, funniest friend she has) - Sister Kenna
charlie: Well of course I love sister kait! she is the most beautiful, best dancer ever!
arlo; ughhhh she is soooo amazing
gabe: i got hella heart eyes for her
every guy ever: I LOVE SISTER KAIT
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by sistersisisisisislol December 21, 2018
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Oh my my. Sister Kait will take all your mans in a snap. She is trendy and she will never let any of her friends be upset so she will make them laugh until they pee themselves. Watch out, sista kait is coming after you. PS. she is boy crazy and if there is a cute boy she will find out where we lives, his cats name and even his great grandfathers 2nd fish's name is. So please, don't mess with Sister Kait. She loves billie eilish and she will cry if she is listening to her for too long.
"Omg! There is Sister Kait again with my man. She just needs to chill!" Sister Kait is an amazziinngg singa!
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by sistersisisisisislol November 20, 2018
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