Female version: A gorgeous outgoing gal who likes to kick life in the face. This chick is such a bad mutha "SHUT YO MOUTH!" that every guy faints when she walks by. In a way she's like Medusa, one look at her big pretty eyes and you're sure to turn stiff as a rock.

Male version: creeper...
"Daammmnnnnn man, what does that chick rate? 9? 10?"

"Nah bro, she's a Sisk"
by Richard Fitzwel July 22, 2014
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male version: a thirty year old virgin. who likes to wack it here and there (watch out for that BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG FELLA!!)

You'll know him when you see him ;D
"I just fucked a sisk! He was 12 inches when folded in half!"
by Maximoose999 April 11, 2019
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did you hear that crack??

oh no, that's just siske.
by artstudent. August 17, 2017
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