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A trash ass channel with a girl and a boy that like to brag about useless shit like their Iphone X's and if you hate about them,then a fan of them would most likely would say "Rude" since they can't fucking expand their vocabulary.
When I think of greedy,I think of Sis Vs Bro
by MrFortnite June 15, 2018
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An absolutely retarded channel that no one over the age of 10 watches unless you are mentally retarded and like having your ears bleed. If you say they suck or you hate them a fan will say "That's mean!" because they are younger than 10.
"Man, I caught my 9 year-old sister watching that fucking stupid channel Sis vs Bro. They make my ears bleed."
"Really bro? Man that sucks. Now your sister has got to be disowned "
by singularworld September 28, 2019
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