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Sirjan(*see alternative-Sirjana) is a name typically associated with a short guy who has weird teeth and a bald spot(typically ritz-sized)
Sirjans generally can't look good even if they try because they are very vertically challenged and only try to steal Sanjal's style.
A Sirjan is typically way worse at math, less fashionable, and much shorter than Rishik(nearly by a foot).
Any Sirjan can be easily replaced with Sanjal or Rishik. Consider substituting your Sirjan for Rishik.
by joelololol March 28, 2015
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The final destination for anyone seeking enlightenment. It is a state of benign and unearthly intelligence, only achieved by the ones who are witty and brave of heart, only after going through rigorous training and honing of skills. A person who is considered to be a "Sirjan" has attained supreme knowledge, impeccable wisdom and an overarching awareness, meaning that he or she knows all and understands it perfectly. He or she is the alpha being and every other entity is attracted towards him or her.
One fine night, the skies bellowed and cracked, and came out god, seeking the paramount wisdom of Sirjan.
by knower_of_all,seeker_of_none September 21, 2016
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